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SENNEBOGEN Foundation supports Don Bosco youth center: 6,000 euros raised from Christmas tombola

The Don Bosco youth residence center of Katholisches Jugendsozialwerk München e.V. (Catholic youth social services in Munich) offers students from outside of Straubing affordable and supervised accommodation throughout their schooling and training. Using the proceeds from its Christmas tombola, the SENNEBOGEN Foundation has made a donation of 6,000 euros to support the project. This will go toward a large foosball table and a new pool table.

Traditionally, the proceeds of the SENNEBOGEN Christmas tombola are donated to charitable causes. Last week, the SENNEBOGEN Foundation was able to present the sum of 6,000 euros to the Don Bosco youth residence center. The institution, set up by Katholisches Jugendsozialwerk München e.V., offers 190 places for young students who are looking for accommodation in Straubing – the center of the Gäuboden region.

Owing to its state technical university preparation and upper vocational school, numerous technical and professional schools, as well as the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Straubing is a popular place for further education and schooling. For many students, this means moving away from home and becoming independent. Just under 40 members of staff take care of the youngsters, aged 15 and above, at the youth center on Straubing's Pettenkoferstraße. The SENNEBOGEN Foundation has supported this project in the past, with a generous donation in 2012. The latest donation will be invested primarily in leisure facilities, including the purchase of a new pool table complete with equipment and a new large foosball table.

Foundation board member Veronika Meier and trustee Maria Sennebogen, along with the SENNEBOGEN works council chairman Milan Kovacevic, visited the site to see the institution for themselves. The director of the organization, Birgit Glende-Wiemers, and board member Berthold Wübbeling also explained that around 20 unaccompanied young refugees are currently in the care of the youth social services. In addition, Wübbeling reported that the organization serves as a popular youth hostel as well, particularly in the summer months. 

"They give young people assistance in starting their careers and offer guidance while they're going through a difficult stage of life. We are delighted to support this kind of undertaking," stressed Veronika Meier. As a mid-sized family business, the company relies very much on well-trained young talent and is very happy to be able to support this cause. According to Meier, the youth center was chosen specifically because its ideas and principles were best suited to the values of the Foundation. "We both have the same mission – encouraging and supporting young people in education and training."


100,000 Euros for 2013 Flood Victims

The largest donation ever made by the SENNEBOGEN Foundation was presented in June to the campaign "Freude durch Helfen" (Joy through Helping) by the two foundation board members Veronika Meier and Walter Sennebogen. The aid program of the Straubinger Tagblatt/Landshuter Zeitung newspaper publishing group is dedicated to the hundreds of flood victims in the Lower Bavaria region. The presentation of a check for 100,000 euros to the Tagblatt publisher Prof. Dr. Martin Balle expresses the SENNEBOGEN Foundation's solidarity with those affected. "Many of our employees live on the Danube, and some have been directly affected by the flood. And so it is important to us to ensure fast and unbureaucratic assistance," said Walter Sennebogen in explaining the Foundation's motivation. "We were very lucky that our locations remained spared from the flood."

The money will now be made available to the flood victims directly and without deductions. "I am very glad that the SENNEBOGEN Foundation is supporting our aid program so very generously," thanked Prof. Balle when the check was presented.

Foundation board members Veronika Meier and Walter Sennebogen presented its largest donation ever of 100,000 euros to the initiator of the campaign "Freude durch Helfen" (Joy through Helping), Prof. Dr. Martin Balle. (from left)