Purpose of the Foundation

The foundation's mission is to support vulnerable people in distress, and the promotion of children and youth, vocational training, including student aid, science and research.
This purpose is achieved in particular by the following measures:

  • Supporting children and young people before and during school.
  • Development of Vocational Training:
    - for one, the foundation through donation of money and material resources support personally or economically vulnerable young people requiring a good basis and special attention on their overall physical, mental, spiritual or social development so that they can devote as much to their training.
    - On the other hand, the Foundation through the award of scholarships and prizes for outstanding performance of trainees.
  • Support vulnerable people in distress especially in sickness, accident and financial need.

Promotion of academic study:

  • The Foundation supports through grants and the awarding of prizes to students whose financial capabilities does not allow continuous learning but with exemplary talent and dedication.
  • Education: The Foundation also supports qualified committed and talented graduates for further trade or academic training.